AI Technology Threatens Educational 

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) heralds both promise and peril. As we embrace the age of AI in education,

Understanding the Promise of AI in Education

AI holds the promise of reshaping educational landscapes by addressing long-standing equity issues.  

The Rush to Implement AI in Schools

Across the United States, schools are swiftly adopting AI, seeing it as a transformative force in modernizing education.  

Unpacking the Dark Side of AI in Education

While AI in education holds transformative potential, it also carries unintended consequences. Understanding and acknowledging 

Equity Concerns in AI Implementation

AI algorithms, if not carefully designed, can perpetuate existing biases. Algorithmic bias becomes a silent discriminator, 

Access Challenges in the AI Era

While AI aims to bridge gaps, the digital divide persists. Widening gaps in access to technology can inadvertently exacerbate existing disparities, 

AI's Impact on Classroom Dynamics

As AI permeates classrooms, the dynamics between teachers and students undergo a transformation.  

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness in AI-Driven Systems

Efficiency, while desirable, can become a mirage in AI-driven systems. Red flags must be considered,