Braised Tofu, Sea Bass, and Pasta

His mastery transforms ordinary weeknight meals into extraordinary experiences, and within his repertoire, Persian-inspired creations hold a special place.

Welcoming Ottolenghi's Culinary Magic

Ottolenghi's culinary prowess is a symphony of flavors, blending diverse influences into a harmonious culinary experience. 

Exploring Persian-inspired Weeknight Meals

Persian cuisine, with its rich tapestry of flavors, serves as the muse for Ottolenghi's weeknight wonders.  

Persian-Style Braised Tofu with Sour Yoghurt and Spinach

the heart of Persian flavors as Ottolenghi elevates tofu into a culinary masterpiece. Unveil the aromatic spices 

Cabbage and Poppy Seed Pasta: A Simple Delight

Witness Ottolenghi's transformative touch as he takes a humble vegetable like cabbage and elevates it to the forefront of culinary delight. 

Steamed Fish with Cumin and Tomato Oil

Explore Ottolenghi's philosophy behind the elegance of steamed fish. Discover how this cooking method preserves the natural essence of the fish 

Mastering Ottolenghi's Flavorful Weeknight Approach

At the heart of Ottolenghi's weeknight approach lies the perfect harmony between bold flavors and simple techniques. 

Wine Pairing Suggestions

Elevate your dining experience by complementing Ottolenghi's creations with the perfect wine. Explore the nuances of pairing, enhancing the flavors and textures of each dish.